A Makeover for your Soul

You've had your bubble bath and your green smoothie, but you're still not certain you are any closer to understanding all this talk about self-love?  Time for a different kind of makeover.  Here we start from inside.


Deep down inside you there's a throne of plenty. Here broken stories, once digested, turn to gold. Beyond the approval-seeking and people-pleasing nice girl... Bigger than the shoulds and self-criticism of your inner mean girl... This is the place from whence thy queendom come.


I'm inviting you to sit deeper. Where your inherent worth requires nothing more than you showing up for it. Where your creativity has space to spin and weave an incredible and unique tapestry of wholeness that becomes your legacy.


I'll meet you there, Queen, in the fire of transformation, with all your shadow and your light.

We'll dance with the moon, the breeze, the trees, the seas.  And sing a song of Peace.


Professional Background

Tao womb priestess and intimacy coach, NAMJAI, earned her BA in Psychology focusing on Women's Studies.  She completed a master-level apprenticeship with transformational truth teacher, Kute Blackson, and continued her education in Meditation and Transformational Leadership at Agape University.  A sacred femininity facilitator with Tao Tantric Arts, she shares teachings in sacred sexuality, jade egg, emotional maturity, boundaries & consent, breathwork, qi gong, yoga, self-inquiry & dance.  She curates healing journeys incorporating these tantric tools for women to access more ease, love and joy in their bodies.  With 12 years of bodywork experience, Namjai specializes in women's pelvic floor healing.

Hey, sister.  I've been through it.  It takes courage to ask for help.  When you know it's time for you to rise, I'm here.
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