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Jade Egg Basics


Your life is a
Dance of Devotion

What are you devoted to?

Devotion is measured by the power of your attention.  Have a look at your choices and how you spend your time to see what you have been valuing in your life.  If it isn't aligned with what your heart values, it's probably high time for some inner work.  Expire some moves and switch the shuffle.
We've got this one precious life.  How will you dance through it?

Embodied Approach

If you are ready to revitalize your life and give more care to your precious heart, you're in the right place.  When it's time to uplevel the spaciousness in your life, to live your yes, to shift all the way down to your cells, you've got support.  Together let's lovingly and methodically sort through the traps that have been limiting you, so you can open to the magic that lies within.  There's an intelligence in you that already knows the way.

Underwater Dive
Arizona Golden Barrels

Tao Tantric Bodywork

Massage for sacred body awakening &
pelvic floor health

Intimacy Coaching

A guide to your own mindful, heart-centered, Embodied Wisdom

Psychedelic Integration

Preparation and aftercare for entheogenic experiences

These last 5 weeks (coaching with Namjai) have been unlike anything I could have ever expected... truly life changing!  I’ve shifted, and I just can’t wait to see what’s in store myself!  What I’m going to take forward is the aliveness I feel in every cell, in every atom, the knowing of the truth and the potential that's out there and the capacity to do it all in love, with fun.  Thank you for pointing me to love myself.

Namjai is a very kind, respectful and intuitive healer. The yoni massage I received from her was my first one and I immediately trusted her. Her skill allowed me to experience an amazing softness and different qualities of pleasure in this holy space of my body. Since then, I feel more connected to my womb, to my sensuality and feminity. I highly recommend her.

M.A., California

I just received the most amazing massage, soothing yet strong enough to relax every muscle!  My body feels like rhythmically and spiritually it’s just come into alignment.  Thank you, Namjai. ♥️ Your hands are healing!!!

F.G., France

I received Namjai’s massages throughout my pregnancy.  I have been feeling really sensitive in this time, and she took incredible care of me.  Her work was really transformative and helped me through some challenges. I’m super grateful to have met her with her healing touch and would definitely recommend her sessions.

J.V., Texas

S.S., Germany

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A Southern Gal Gone "Wrong"

Since 2000, I’ve been exploring sexuality and women's empowerment, through sisterhood, activism, education, and hard knocks.  With 6 generations before me ministering in the church, I was there every time the doors were open, so, naturally, I had alot to unravel around religion and sexual shame in my search for an authentic relationship with Life.  I pushed spirituality away entirely for some time, but the day came that Life had me on my knees, finally ready to surrender.  I started to notice synchronicities, and opened up to miracles.

In 2009, I left my career in the beauty industry of South Florida to travel the world and discover where True Beauty lies.  I spent many years in the jungles of Southeast Asia, where I came to yoga, meditation and Tantra.  There I found an organic & orgasmic bridge through the body back to the intuitive knowing of my Heart & Soul.  Since 2015, I've been sharing these empowering tools of Love and Consciousness through transformational workshops, psychospiritual counseling, and sacred body awakening sessions.

My great joy is helping women to discover their multidimensionality

and express themselves authentically in their communities.


What Life proves to me again and again is to not take myself too seriously...

and that there's no wrong way to eat a mango. 

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful
than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anaïs Nin

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